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Frequently Asked Questions

Event Management
How do I edit the sales page?
You must be logged in as client user to manage the sales page for your event listing. If you are not logged in do so before continuing. 1) Select Events > Current Events from the top Navigation Bar 2) Click the Manage icon for your event 3) Go to Event Listing > General Info on the left navigation panel 4) Make your changes and click Save at the bottom
I want to use SmartTix to sell tickets for my event.
SmartTix will gladly ticket all types events.   For more information and to get started today  please click on the red TICKET WITH US link on our home page under our blue logo or you can click here:http://   
Order Managment
Can I get a refund of my purchase if I can’t attend the show?
Policies set forth by our clients, including producers, promoters, and venues, prohibit SmartTix from issuing refunds after a ticket has been purchased.  You may be able to exchange tickets for another date if you contact us prior to 50 hours before the performance time.
What do I do if I want to exchange my tickets for a different date or time?
Most of our clients allow us process an exchange for tickets to the same show on a different date, as long as you contact us 48 hours or more before the original performance date/time.  There will a small exchange fees charged to you for this service.  Call Customer Service at 212-868-4444 from 10am to 6pm to request an exchange.
Marketing and Advertising
How do I link directly to my event?
Please log into your account manager and go to the dashboard for your event.    1)Select Events > Current Events from the top Navigation Bar 2) Click the Manage icon  for your event 3) Go to Tools and Resource > Get Event Deep Link on the left navigation panel 4) The direct link to your sales pages will be displayed on the page that pops up.   If you want to link directly to specific occurrence or performance you can do so by adding ocode=[occurrenceCode] to the end of the link with the bracketed occurrencede replaced by the actual occurrencecode.  An example would look something like this:
How do I order SmartTix web advertisement?
Web ads are a great way to increase exposure for your event.   When you order a web ad, our system will pull the main event image from your listing and display it on the home page for all our visitors to see.  Just imagine how many more people will see info about your show each day!     To order SmartTix web advertising please  email  Include the startdate,  enddate, showname Make sure you have a great main image on your event listing at 300px x 300px      
User Account Settings
I've lost my password, now what do I do?
CLIENTS AND EMPLOYEES         1) Click "I forgot my password" at the login screen 2) Enter the email address you used to register. 3) A temporary password will be e-mailed to you and you can then log in from there. TICKET BUYERS         1) Begin your ordering process as normal (select show, dates, tickets, etc) 2) When you get to the page to login select 'I forgot my password"  2) Enter the email address you used to register. 3) A temporary password will be e-mailed to you and you can then log in from there.
Can I make an order without creating an account?
You do not need to create an account prior to making an order. When you first use our website to order tickets, you will be prompted to create a password at the end of the order.  This will allow you to have expedited check out next time you order on line.
Buying Tickets
Is there a way to not have my credit card information saved in your site?
When you order tickets with us, your information is saved in the system.  Your credit card is encrypted and the only portion of your credit card number that remains visible is the ending 4 digits.  When you order again you can reuse this card without the card number being displayed but you will need to re-enter the CCID security code.  The card cannot be used without that.   If you would like to have your credit card information deleted from our site, please email us at and we will remove the card.
How do I create an account to buy tickets?
You do not need to create an account before buying tickets.  We will collect your information during the purchase process.      1) Go to the Home page > enter the name of the event you want to attend into the Search field.      2) Choose the ticket Date/Time/ Price/ Quantity > click Find Tickets.      3) Once the tickets are in your shopping cart > click Continue.      4) The next page will offer the option to, Create a new account. Choose that.      5) Enter your information as prompted > continue submitting your order.
How can I change my seats?
When an event is assigned seating, you can change your seats before you purchase your tickets and complete the transaction. Some shows will allow you to change your seats by going to your shopping cart and clicking > Pick Seats to the right of the tickets in your cart.  You will be unable to change seat after you have purchased your tickets.
Can I reserve seats now and pay later?
Unfortunately, we are unable to hold tickets for you without payment.  
What payment methods are accepted?
We accept all major credit cards at SmartTix – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.    If you wish to pay with cash, may do so by purchasing your tickets at the venue's Box Office. 
I need accessible or wheel chair seating.
If a venue offers accessible seating, there will be an option for it on the event’s sales page. 1) On the left side of the sales page, just above the Find Tickets option, you will find the ‘I need a wheel chair seat’ option.  2) Click the radio button  enter the amount of wheelchair seats you’ll need. 3) Click Update. 4) Select the price you want. 5) Click Find Tickets.
How can I see a seating chart?
1) Go to the sales page of the event that you want to see 2) On the left hand side of the page, toward the bottom, there will be a link that reads Seating Chart  3) Click the link to get a general view of the seating arrangement for the venue  *Please remember, this link does not provide an updated view of seating for any particular date. It’s only a diagram. You will be able to see a live seating chart during the purchase process.
Where can I get venue information, such as accessibility, parking, etc…?
1) Go to the sales page of the event that you want to see. 2) Towards the top of the page you should see a tab marked 'Venue'.  If you do not see a 'Venue' Tab look on the lower left hand side of the page, under the venue's name. You should see a link that reads 'More info' 3) Click the link or the tab to get extra information that the venue has provided, such as train info, parking, ADA accessibility, and whether or not the building has A/C.
I haven’t received my email confirmation. What should I do?
If you’ve checked your inbox, as well as your spam folder and it’s not there, please click the link on the support page to contact support and we will happily resend your order confirmation to you.
I haven’t received my ETix. What should I do?
Etix are delivered in an email following your order confirmation email.  If you haven’t received it in your  inbox, please check your spam folder.  If you don’t find it in your spam inbox, please click the contact support link  and we will happily resend your ETix to you.
My shipping address differs from my billing address. Which address should I apply to my account if I want my tickets shipped to me?
Some of our software will allow you to enter seperate shipping and billing addresses. But if you are only able to enter one address in the system and you want your tickets shipped to you, please provide the shipping address, instead of the billing address during the check out process.
Why do you need my telephone number?
Your telephone number is required in case we need to contact you if your event is cancelled or postponed or incase there are problems with your order.    
Am I required to provide my email address?
When you order tickets via the website you are required to supply a valid email address. This address is used to send you an email confirmation, and in some case your tickets.  It may also be used to reach you in the case of and event cancellation.  When ordering over the phone you are not required to provide an email address but you are encouraged to do so for the reasons stated above.  
Can I have my friend pick up my tickets?
Most venues require the card hold to be present to claim the tickets.  Once claimed, some venue will permit you to leave the tickets for part of your party that has yet to arrive. But that is up the employee at the time of the pick up.   If you know in advance you will want your friends to use the ticket you can change your delivery to E-tickets and the forward those etickets to your friend when you receive them in your email.
How do I phone the venue directly?
Many venues have retained SmartTix to provide phone support for their customers and thus they do not have staffed call centers or take public phone calls in their box offices.   Thus, our staff and operators do not have phone contact information for the venues. 
What does Will Call mean?
Will Call means that instead of having ticket sent to you, you will pick up your tickets at the venues Box Office on the day of the performance. 1) When you arrive at the box office give them your name that the order was placed under. 2) Please have your order confirmation, and the credit card you used to make the purchase along with a form of ID to pick up your tickets.

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