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A seething investigation of "political correctness"
In David Mamet’s play, "Oleanna," a male college instructor and his female student sit down to discuss her grades and in a terrifyingly short time become the participants in a modern reprise of the Inquisition. Innocuous remarks suddenly turn damning. Socratic dialogue gives way to heated assault, and the relationship between a somewhat fatuous teacher and his seemingly hapless pupil turns into a fiendishly accurate x-ray of the mechanisms of power, censorship and abuse. A war of words, verbal jousting, and thought provoking piece. Everyone will have an opinion to express after the curtain falls on "Oleanna." “Mamet’s New Play Detonates the fury of Sexual Harassment”-Frank Rich, The New York Times. “There can be no tougher or more unflinching play than Oleanna.”-Harold Pinter Disclaimer: This play contains adult subject matter and content, and is not suitable for children.
Categories: Drama
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Running time: 1:30    
Intermission(s): No
Price: $16.00
Seating: General Admission    
Capacity: 48